Pace Motorsport announces two new drivers for the 2024 RallyX Season

  • Pace Motorsport signs multi-year contract with Martin Juga as team official driver from 2024 season.
  • Geir-Genor Muttik has signed a multi-year contract as a driver for the team from 2024 season.

As Pace actively evolves and continues to prepare for next season, the team today confirmed two new drivers who will be behind the wheel of LifeLive TN11 cross cars in RallyX from the start of the 2024 season. With this addition to drivers, combining experience, speed and desire together with even more support from the factory, the team is more than confident for the season ahead of us.

Jarmo Võsa (Managing director at Pace Motorsport): “At this early phase of next season programme, we are proud to reveal two new drivers who will race for us in the Crosscar and Crosscar Junior category in 2024. We wanted drivers who are not only fast at some races but constantly fast and reliable. Also, it has always been utmost importance to us to have a good team spirit to best represent the Pace. In addition to two new drivers, we continue our successful relationship with many other drivers, including Romet Tsirna and LifeLive factory driver Jimmie Österberg. We are absolutely delighted to have these drivers and we hope they will all bring their own experience and qualities to the team.

Yannick Neuville (Managing director at LifeLive): “It’s now 3 years since we began our collaboration with Pace Motorsport, a serious and professional team with whom we share the same ambitions. The RallyX championship is very competitive and of a high standard, and that’s why we take it very seriously to also be present in it through our partnership with Pace, who are doing a great job, and we know that this 2024 season is going to be a promising one with the new TN11 chassis and the new team recruits.”

Pol Pujol (Head of Engineering at LifeLive): “We’ve spent over a year thinking about and developing this new LifeLive TN11 chassis. The year 2023 was a success for us, considering the results obtained. At the same time, we carried out many tests and developments in rallycross conditions to prepare for the 2024 RallyX championship season, and the results we obtained augur well for this year!”

Martin Juga.
Martin Juga is young and new face to the team but has long experience in rallycross by starting with Super1600 and evolving to Cross cars category. His talent, achievements and desire make him serious contestant for the podium places at every race. He has confirmed his talent by winning last round of 2023 RallyX at legendary Höljes track. After convincing 2023 season he got behind the wheel of LifeLive TN11 during testing to accumulate mileage and familiarise himself with the car and the team.

FIA Motorsport Games 2022 – P6
RallyX 2023 – P6 (Tierp P3, Kouvola P3, Höljes P1)
Crosskart 2023 Rallysprint Estonian Champion
Junior 1600 Estonian Rallycross Championship double Champion
Crosskart Junior Estonian Rallycross Champion

  • Martin Juga: “I’m super happy to join Pace Motorsport and Lifelive for the following seasons and take on the RallyX challange. It has been a long time dream of mine to join such a team full of passionate people hungry for good results. The main goal for the upcoming season for me is to fight for the title and give it my everything. Last season i got a lot of good knowledge and it has made me a totally different driver than before so i’m really looking forward to following season. As always nobody comes there for a second or third place so its going to be hard but we have a great team and a great car so I’m more than sure we will manage.

Geir-Genor Muttik.
Geir-Genor is great example of youth who has come to rallycross through family. Regardless of Geir-Genor own experience of only a few years, he has huge amount of support and guidance from his family and he has proved to be one of the potential rising stars in Estonian rallycross scene.

Crosskart 125cc 2023 Rallycross Estonian Championship 2nd
Crosskart 125cc 2023 Winter Rallysprint Estonian Champion

  • Geir-Genor Muttik: “Joining Pace Motorsport provides me a very good springboard for transitioning to a bigger class, where you can immediately compete with top European drivers. This gives me great additional motivation to develop myself both mentally and physically and to go to competitions with good preparation. The goal for the first season is to get the speed with a cross car to such an extent that I feel like I’m in a kart, maintaining a speed where I can finish the race without mistakes among the ten fastest drivers.”

Jarmo Võsa (Managing director at Pace Motorsport):

I think we made the right choices and all of us in the team have great confidence in LifeLive new cross car TN11 which has shown amazing speed throught season 2023 both in autocross and rallycross by achieving second place at FIA Autocross Championship and winning Belgium Rallycross Championship. There is an interesting balance between long-time, well-known drivers and new faces who have surprised us in recent years. We are excited to soon start testing for next season and we cannot wait for season 2024 to begin.”


About Pace Motorsport.
Pace Motorsport is Estonian based Motorsport team that focus on Rallycross, particularly Cross Car category. Moreover, Pace is more than happy to be official partner and distributor to Belgium based Motorsport enterprise LifeLive, representing LifeLive Cross Cars in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Team 2024 season main focus is RallyX series with aim to claim top podium places and Top3 at the end of the season.

About LifeLive.
LifeLive was founded in 2016 with the aim of establishing itself in motorsport in a serious and professional manner. The enterprise is headed by Yannick Neuville, who received the support of his brother Thierry Neuville, a World Rally Championship driver for Hyundai Motorsport and long-standing and experienced devotee of motorsports.

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